About Local Heroes

Local Heroes, your one stop hospitality shop, provides hospitality staff, catering and events. Our clients depend on us because we are able to combine high quality and service with a modest price range. We believe that hiring staff or organizing parties, official functions and events, should be just as much fun as the events themselves, and we believe that everyone who is able to enjoy good service, honest food and creative parties will react the same way; with a big smile.

We are so convinced of this believe, that we even made it our mission:

We strive to put a smile on the face of everyone we reach with our hospitality services.

Years of experience in working for embassies and serving at formal dinners and functions have given us the insight needed to cater to all (diplomatic) needs. From formal (diplomatic) table settings for sit-down dinners, to serving and preparing formal receptions or walking/buffet diners, our goal will be to exceed your expectations.

We have worked for many embassies and diplomats and have received letters of recommendation from several of them.

From our office in The Hague we are able to provide additional training to our waiters, waitresses, kitchen staff and other flex workers, which are divided in five categories, from one pepper (starter) up to five peppers, (senior employee) this way we are able to ensure a matching hospitality team for every function or event that you are planning to host, without the risk of being overcharged for our services. 

When may we see your smile?