Dinner at home

Dining at home
Going out for dinner is a pleasant way to enjoy an evening with good company, and without much hassle. However, paying the bill for a large group of people quickly becomes less pleasant. Why don't you go out for dinner sometime in the comfort of your own home, and relish the company of your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues whilst eating a lovely dinner?
Perfect for a housewarming party or a celebratory event. Let people come by and enjoy the food in a private environment. Your Local Heroes will come, if necessary with dining table, cutlery and such. Our chef will provide a delicious dinner, with a fitting wine for every course. Meanwhile, a service employee will make sure that you and your guests are completely satisfied. After a successful evening your Local Heroes will clean up after everyone. So that you can wake up with only pleasant memories of the evening, not the tangible memories like stains on the table cloth.