Meeting luncheon

Meeting lunch


Continue your meeting at the office or extern location, while your Local Heroes provide food and beverages. Would you like an extensive lunch with fruit, yoghurt, fancy sandwiches, cakes, fresh juices, coffee and tea? Or is time an important factor this day and would you rather just have some richly laid sandwiches each? You can arrange your lunch just the way you like. We could also send in some personnel to keep the meeting room clean, and to keep everyone supplied with coffee and tea during the meeting. Would you like to have a few drinks with the guests after the meeting? No problem. The Local Heroes will make sure that after the meeting food and drinks are ready.



Important visitors at the office or a long day of meetings with the entire department? Your Local Heroes are the help you need in order for your day (with its  important decisions) to run smoothly. One or more Heroes will suffice to support you during the day; coffee and cakes, lunch, refilling drinks, writing equipment, flip-overs and many more! Make the most of it.