Sit Down Diner

Sit down dinner


If the location allows for it, a 'sit-down dinner' is a wonderful relaxed way of sharing dinner with each other. Would you like to enjoy a three, four, or five course dinner? Your Local Heroes would love to arrange it for you.

Welcome drink. Make your guests feel at ease and comfortable with a cocktail or glass of bubbles.


Canapé. Getting ready is half the fun, so get the party started with a canapé. Or, wait with serving bites till all of the guests have arrived.


Dining table. Invited more guests than can be seated at your table? We'll stop by and bring a dining table fit to your needs.


Dining chairs. The dining table can be delivered with matching dining chairs.


Special wishes. Do you or does one of your guests have special wishes for dinner? Think about diets, allergies, cultural background or certain outlook on life? Please let the chef know.


Dishes. Local Heroes will lay the table with linen, plates, cutlery, glasses and napkins.


Three course dinner. Enjoying a pre-course, main and dessert from honest foods. Our chef cooks along with the seasons and whenever possible, from locally produced foods.


Four course dinner. Enjoying a pre-course, in between, main and dessert from honest products. Our chef cooks along with the seasons and whenever possible, from locally produced foods.


Cheese buffet. We love to stay seated after dinner ourselves. But indulging in a cheese buffet with the people you haven't yet spoken during the dinner might even be a better plan.


Wine arrangement. Our sommelier will think of a perfect wine for every course. This is already a possibility from 10 euros per bottle.


After dinner drinks. After a lovely evening of dining, sitting down for drinks.

Clean exit. The heroes will clean up after you. This way only the pictures and the smile on your face will let you remember the evening.


Wine tasting // Wine quiz


A wine tasting is a playful way of entertaining your guests. Enjoying a good glass of wine, whilst being fed background information, is a rather pleasurable way of spending your afternoon or evening. A 'wine quiz' is always a good one for a party. After a understandable explanation tasting wines blindfolded, only then to choose the right answers from multiple choice.

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