Walking dinner

Walking Dinner


Your Local Heroes love extensive dining themselves. An exquisite four- or five course meal, there's always room for that isn't there? We also wouldn't decline a buffet dinner, but it's such a shame you have to stand in line for that. And that after queuing up, you walk away from the people you just shared an interesting conversation with. Or else, you'r have to sit with the same people for a very long period of time.. The Local Heroes have a solution for all this dinner drama; The Walking Dinner. Just take a place to stand or seat wherever you'd like to stand or sit and feel free to talk with whoever you want to talk with. During this, dinner served in small bites and finger foods, will be served by our employees. Our chef will make sure that you will be served a satisfying dinner. During the evening the dinner will find its way toward you instead of the other way around. The so-called Walking Dinner is an excellent choice at birthdays, receptions, network meetings and other celebratory events during which meeting other people or just having a friendly conversation with each other is desirable.