There's always an occasion for having a drink. After a long day of meetings, Sunday afternoon, during a birthday, Friday afternoon after an intense week at work, whenever you and your friends haven't seen each other often enough or when the network needs to be expanded. To be honest, the Local Heroes can keep on and on with coming up with moments that call for a drink. We'd rather turn it around though, we can also think of endless reasons why those exact moments call for the Local Heroes.



Intern location. Have you found a good location to have drinks yourself, but are you still looking for service staff and a fitting caterer? The Local Heroes will gladly stop by and examine the possibilities of your location.


External location. Not enough room, or would you like to step out? Your Local Heroes will think along about the perfect location for having drinks.


Sighning. Some people know their way around everywhere, others might need a little hand. Your Local Heroes will think along about a smart and suitable way of guiding the guests, if the location is unknown to them.


Decoration. The right decoration can set up the right atmosphere. The Local Heroes have a good perspective on the routing of an event and are full of creative ideas. Next to light and sound, and for example the tables we'd like to take care of the entire decoration of the location to make sure it's all in the style you want.


Standing tables. Standing tables can make a party. They invite people to keep standing and mingle with one another.


Cloakroom. Are you expecting a lot of guests or participants? Set up a cloakroom so that there is a place for everyone's coat (and bag). When a very large number of people are expected, or when they arrive shortly after each other, we'd advise to let our staff man the cloakroom.


Welcome drink. Make your guests feel at ease and comfortable with a cocktail or glass of bubbles.


Canapé. Getting ready is half the fun, so get the party started with a canapé. Or, wait with serving bites till all of the guests have arrived.


Drink buffet. A fancy bar or drink buffet can't be seen missing at a good party. We'll take care of the buffet, the drinks, the glasses, the cooling system and if necessary the beer tap.


Smoking terrace. Since smoking inside if not allowed, we'd like to think along and come up with the best solution for a smoking room or terrace.


Heater. Ah, the Dutch weather is an unpredictable thing. Even the Local Heroes can't seem to control it. We can however, keep you warm and snuggly with the aid of a covered terrace with heater.


Live music and DJ's. From jazz quartet to cover band or string orchestra. And from 80's DJ to funky or cool electronic music; the Local Heroes know them and would like to book them for you. 

Pictures. After the event, the Local Heroes would love to see the continued existence of a number of things. The smile on the faces of those who memorise about the event and of course the pictures. Sign on a Local Hero as photographer so that you can be sure to have professional pictures of this fantastic day.


Film. As mentioned before, people who come in contact with fantastic hospitality always react in the same way, with a large smile on their faces. Something the Local Heroes love to see! What about putting all those smiles together in a film of your party? So that you and your guests can always witness the day again.