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Real Local Heroes are the sum of smart recruitment, effective training and on the job coaching.  We have divided our catering and hospitality staff into five categories, starting with the upcoming talent, which is characterized by one pepper. An experienced catering / hospitality hero is indicated with 5 peppers. Because of this system, there is always a local hero that matches your expectations. 

Our hospitality staff can be employed in all different sorts of venues such as, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, beach bars, fairs and events. You can also hire a Local Hero for a private party, your birthday for exampleLocal Heroes Your hospitality and Catering staff employment agency with staff from 16,75 per hour!

Real Local Heroes are the sum of a dedicated recruitment program combined with training and motivation. Our employees are divided into 5 categories; the upcoming talent is characterised by 1 'Pepper', and the most seasoned hospitality hero is valued with 5 'Peppers'. This means that there is always a Local available that fits your budget and matches your expectation.

Service employees can be put to use in a wild variety of settings. For example in hotels, restaurants, beachclubs and during events on location and parties. But also in the comfort of your own home, for a birthday, or other celebratory functions.!



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